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5 habits of Africa's richest billionaires you should emulate in 2022 - Africaflavour

 5 habits of Africa's richest billionaires you should emulate in 2022 - Africaflavour 

So, you want to bamba, you want chill with the big boys?
 Of course, you do! Everyone wants to be successful; to have a lot of money and enjoy the best luxury there is. Little wonder we constantly obsess over billionaires' net-worths, admiring their every moves and longing to be just like them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing any of these. However, the big question is are you ready and willing to do all that it takes to be successful? 

The misconception most people have is that billionaires just relax and have other people do all the work for them. That is absolutely wrong. It will surprise you that these high net-worth individuals are most often workaholics

Don't forget that they are the people with the visions for their businesses. So, inasmuch as they have people working for them, they must be available to lead the mission. 

African billionaires are no exceptions to the rule. Be it Aliko Dangote in Nigeria to Strive Masiyiwa in Zimbabwe, the common trend to their success is that they remain on top of their games and basically leading.

If you want be as successful as these billionaires, consider emulating some of their habits, as you can see below. 

1: They are very disciplined and do everything to protect their physical and mental wellbeing

Has it ever occurred to you that we seldom report negative stories about African billionaires? That's because a lot of them are mindful of their status in the society and the damage negative publicity can do to their brands and businesses. As such, they try as much as possible to discipline themselves by cutting out irrelevancies and focusing on what's really important which is building their empires.

Billionaires are also very disciplined when it comes to taking good care of their health. And that's because they know that the real wealth is truly good health! Little wonder you see the likes of Tony Elumelu constantly exercising to keep fit. 

2: They are very good at networking and politicking 

You will agree that it is almost impossible to become a successful businessman/woman anywhere in the world knowing how to network and politick properly. That's exactly why African billionaire do not compromise when it comes to keeping their closely-knit social circles which are often comprised of other high net-worth individuals like themselves. Wealthy people roll in the same circles because as the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. They need to be sure that whoever they relate with are people that can add value to their lives in one way or the other.

In 2022, make sure to take your networking game to the next level. Be very intentional about it and always bear in mind that there is a difference between having a group of friends with whom you only hang out to drink and chitchat, and a group of friends with whom you discuss growth prospects and other opportunities.

"Never take others for granted. Nurture your relationships. In the same way, as you start out in your career, build your relationships, seek to learn, don’t be afraid to understudy the experts, reach out to potential mentors and learn from them,” advised Tony Elumelu.  

3: Billionaires surround themselves with smart people 

This point is a little similar to the one above, but still different nonetheless. Outside of their social lives, billionaires have to live their lives daily whilst running their business empires. And even though they are the vision bearers for their large corporations, they couldn't possibly do all the works by themselves. So, they surround themselves with very smart and highly qualified professionals such as lawyers, accountants, business and media strategists and others with whom they work with on a daily basis. 

4: They are very strategic with their business moves

When it comes to business, billionaires know what they want and how to get it. They don't allow anything get in the way of their success. But then again, they make effort to ensure that nothing gets in the way of their success. Take for instance, Nigerian billionaire and industrialist, Abdul Samad Rabiu, recommends the need to always critically analyse every new project prior to implementation. This way, all the necessary factors are considered. And doing this helps to minimise the probability of failure.  

5: African billionaires read a lot to learn new things and be more enlightened

There is an old saying that goes thus: reading makeths a man. This is truism that African billionaires know too well. So, they live by it on a daily basis. Be it South Africa's Patrice Motsepe or Egypt's Nassef Sawiris, the incessant quest to learn new things serve as the burning fire to their success. So, if you want to be successful, determine to learn new skills and be open to putting the knowledge you gain to good use.

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