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Top Tips to Help You Manage Your Stressors - Monica Alabi


There are various definitions of wellness but the one that encompasses the idea is by the Global Wellness institute which defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” This means there is no age limit to begin the practice of wellness.

One of the most significant influences on our health is chronic stress and this is the one I would ask you to change as you ride 2022. Stress is the response you have to help you cope with the normal demands of life. Where this is prolonged without the opportunity for your body to recover, it becomes dangerous – it can lead to unhealthy food choices and lifestyles. There is also a strong correlation between stress and the development of disease.

To live a life that is full, enjoyable, happy and healthy, you must:

Identify the cause of stress in your life

Most people know the issues of life that cause them stress. What or who keeps you awake, sad or anxious? It is important to be clear. While you may have many stressors, there is usually one or two that causes you to be in a prolonged state of fight or flight. Your first exercise is to get your journal and list out the sources of stress in your life and grade them in order of severity.

Decide on how to tackle the source of your stress

I believe that it is not the stress that must change, it is you who must change. No matter what the issue is that you are dealing with, until you change yourself and your strategy, the problem will not go away. How will you change your approach, your viewpoint, your habits? Will you speak to a professional or a trusted friend? Think about it.

Adopt a routine

There is immense power in finding a daily routine and sticking with it. There are few things that impact our creativity, career, productivity and happiness. I am yet to see any book, podcast, blog on wellness that does not put routines front and centre. You may think you do not have a routine but you do. Research shows that up to 40% of our daily actions are powered by habits. You have a choice to help your routine work for you or against you.

  • Start or finish the day with journaling. Write down your intentions, what you are grateful for and how you feel. There is clear evidence between journaling and wellness. You can use your journal to identify the cause of chronic stress in your life and to plan your strategy.
  • Meditate on your intentions. Take a moment to be still and set your intentions before you. You can use guided meditation and there are various tools available. 
  • Exercise daily: I believe in daily exercise, no matter how little. Add walking or jogging a few times a week. The best time to exercise is determined by you but make sure it is at the same time every day. Personally, I prefer to follow my routine in the morning. There are so many exercises you can do but a mix of cardio (where your heart beats very fast at least 3 times faster than usual) and strength training to build your muscles and bones. Adapt your exercise depending on your health and ability.

Every day is a gift, so you must be grateful and approach it in the best way possible. In 2022, eliminate chronic stress from your life, guard your peace jealously to put yourself in the optimal state to achieve your goals. The possibilities are endless. If you seek, you will find. You deserve a life full of energy, vitality, happiness even in the presence of disease. You are not too young to start your journey today.  

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