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6 Safety, Security Tips on How To Avoid 'One Chance' in Nigeria Cities - Africaflavour

 6 Safety, Security Tips on How To Avoid 'One Chance' in Nigeria Cities - Africaflavour

Many rely on using public transportation but it can be risky because it is just like putting your hands in the life of a stranger. Most reports of kidnapping, one chance, robberies that happen in Nigeria usually take place in public buses, The Nation disclosed.

No one boards a bus to get harmed; the only intention is to get to your destination in ample time.

By being aware of your safety while on buses and even private cabs, you can greatly reduce the risk of attack or assault. 

Here are some safety tips to consider, these tips will help you stay safe while using public transportation; 

1. Be aware/alert 

Always stay alert no matter how tired you are. Your driver could be just as dangerous as a common criminal. So you need to be very active even as a passenger behind the driver of the moving vehicle. The most important way to protect yourself on public transportation is to be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uneasy or threatened, change your seat or alert the driver. If needed, get off at the next busy bus-stop. 

2. Always inform close persons of your movement 

Let someone close to you know your routine or travel schedule. However, two crimes that easily comes to mind when discussing travel itinerary is kidnapping and targeted robbery. So if you must tell people your travel plans tell them to those who need to know. 

3. Whatsapp live location 

If you want people to know where you are, turn on live locations in chats where it’s enabled. The WhatsApp location feature can be used to share one’s location in a WhatsApp message. You should only share your location with people you trust. 

On an iPhone: Go to WhatsApp > Account > Privacy > Live Location to see a list of the chats where you’re sharing this information, and remove anywhere you’d like to restrict live location access. On an Android phone: Go to WhatsApp > Menu > Account > Privacy > Live Location. From there, you can allow WhatsApp to access your device location while using the app or deny access. 

4. Always trust your instincts 

If you board public transport and you feel uncomfortable, move away if you can or alight from the bus. This is why it is very important for one to apply caution, watch closely and use your intuition before entering at the first instance. Often, their sitting position in the vehicle tells a whole lot about your safety. 

5. Avoid vehicles with tinted glasses

This is one way to know you are not wrong before boarding the bus. Vehicles with tinted glasses are not that rampant but when you identify one, it is not a bad idea if you decided not to pay attention to such vehicles. 

It is however advisable to avoid public vehicles with tinted glasses, and Sienna cars used for public transport. The Sienna cars do not have back windows that can be opened, be smart. 

6. Do not embark on Night journeys 

Avoid night journeys but If you must embark on the journey, follow vehicles that are registered, and have a known park/office. Criminals always look for the best time of the day to carry out their activities. They look for a time when they have a better chance of not getting caught by the security guards or law enforcement officers. Hence they exploit the early hours and late hours of the day. Traveling very early or at night may expose you to dangers. 

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