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Novel: LOVE Series 2

By MinisterBliss Jackson

 LOVE Series 2

Have you ever committed a crime against a friend that loves you so dearly, or have you ever felt guilty for offending someone you love; Yet the person still forgave you? That's the love I'm talking about.

One thing the Holy Spirit has taught me is that love comes with Mercy. If I don't love you, I won't forgive you. You hear stories like, "I was a very bad fellow, very good at doing bad things... Yeah, that is the story of some of us, but see what the Love and Mercy of Christ has done!! He loved us, saved us and trusts us to live right again for Him.

Yet, many can't seem to come to terms with this love expressed by Jesus, let alone loving Him in return. Why is it so easy for us to fall in love with the opposite gender but very difficult to be in love with Jesus? Is it because we've not seen Him face to face? Come on! Just chatting with someone on social media, we fall in love, then why can't we love God more even when we've not seen Him. If we put in the same energy we put in relationship, to loving God, we'll surely encounter Him sooner than later. Try it!!!

I once told someone, "I'm crushing on Jesus, and the crush seems to be growing every day, that I'm happy the Father (God) allowed me access to Him, so I can love Him more".

Do you know what the Love of Christ does? It allows you access the things of the Kingdom. It allows you to love and be loved. Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit hugging you before? Like you were down and depressed, not knowing what to do next but you just cried out "Holy Spirit help me" and boom, He hugs you. If you've not had this experience, try it!! It's the Power of Love.

The same way a husband and wife have access to each other, that's how being in Love with Christ is. You can feel Him, touch Him, hear Him, talk to Him... You can do as you wish with Him. Love grants access. I charge you today, seek to encounter His Love and when you do, keep loving Him.

Have you ever been in love before that the person just observes things that are lacking in your life and fixes them without you demanding? - That's how it is with the Love of Christ. He does things for you without your requesting or permission. That is Love indeed, so deep.

Watch out for the next Love series 3, on THE JEALOUSY OF LOVE

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