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Nigerian Teenager Who Said He Started His Business With N1k Declares Himself a Millionaire at 17, People React - Africaflavournews

A Nigerian teenager has set tongues wagging after declaring himself a millionaire at the age of 17 

Prosperity Olorunfemi took to social media to share his success story and he attracted many comments from his followers 

The teenage boy said he started his business with just N1,000, but now he boasts of N1 million after just 6 months in business.

A Nigerian teenager identified as Prosperity Olorunfemi has taken to LinkedIn to share the story of how he is succeeding in his business. 

He has declared himself a millionaire at the tender age of 17. Prosperity said he started his business with just a token of N1,000, a testimony that has shocked many. 

According to him: "So yesterday I decided to track my financial records. And I discovered that my business did a Whopping 1.1 Million Naira in total credit within 6 Months. I actually never expected that. I always estimated it to be about 500,000 Naira. 

But seeing that last night, I almost got choked with joy. Taking some steps back to July when I started out with 1,000 Naira in my bank account. I'm glad to celebrate this milestone. I can proudly call myself a Self-made Millionaire at 17." 

In a separate interview with Olorunfemi said he had trouble getting a phone when he wanted to start his business because his parents refused to provide one for him, owing to his young age. 

His words: "When I graduated from secondary school in 2019, I had a strong belief in the possibilities of earning online. But my obstacle was a phone. I couldn't get a phone no matter what I tried and my parents were also not willing at this period." 

"Later in 2001, my mum handed over her used and hanging phone to me and I started up with that online. July 2001, I borrowed money from a friend to start my own business. I bought earpods from China and sold them online to people." 

His followers react, congratulate him 

Many of his followers shared their views on the story. Some of the reactions are captured below: Salem Andero said: "Heyy Congratulations Prosperity Olorunfemi O. I need to follow this story closely. Keep doing what you do bro, you're an inspiration to generations already." 

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