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Entertainment: Survivors of Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar who was jailed for over 1000 years reveal how he molested and raped them as children


Survivors of Popular Turkish Televangelist Adnan Oktar who was jailed in January for 1,045 years in Turkey on a series of child abuse and molestation charges, have detailed their suffering in the hands of the disgraced preacher.


The televangelist was found guilty of rape, child abuse, espionage and blackmail in January 2021 and one woman, Seda Isildar, who stayed eight years after joining his church at just 15, revealed Oktar sexually abused her when she was 16 and forced her to have a nose job.

He was arrested in 2018 along with dozens of his followers in police raids on his properties in Istanbul and other cities as part of an investigation into his group.  

The 64-year-old preacher has denied all of the charges, and is expected to appeal.

The conservative Islamic preacher frequently broadcast his sermons surrounded by scantily-clad women.

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