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Why is life so hard with so many people. People faces terrible challenges and many even die in their life battles, so many seek for solutions to their ordeals but the situations remains unabated until death even after praying all kinds of prayers and fasted.The reason is that so many of us have not been empowered spiritually. Let me highlight 10 reasons why we face hard and difficult battles of life

1 A man that is not born again or repented from sin is a child of the devil because he possess Adamic life. Jesus says"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your soul"(Matt 11:28-29)He is the only one that can give you rest.

2 Life battles may come because of the gifts of God or our divine assignment which the kingdom of darkness have noticed

3 If we do not know how to walk with God spiritually we may be experiencing calamities of life because God is a Spirit and those that will relate with Him must do it spiritually (Jhn4:24)

4 If our soul and spirit are not divided to operate separately (Heb4:12) we may be soulish and walking in the flesh most times and this will open our lives to spiritual attacks and death(Rom8:6,13)

5 If there's an unbroken curses,evil covenants, spiritual bondage,or blood line pattern in our lives we may suffer for too long

6If we do not pass through proper discipleship to have deep grasp of the knowledge of the word we may be living in defeat most part of our life (Hosea4:6)

7If the seed of sin is in us the glory of the Lord will be far from us(Isa59:1-2, I Pet3:12)

8 Discipleship is to enable us go through the discipline of the Spirit to produce Christ likeness character and brokenness of the spirit in us,this is essential for life of power

9 If we are not properly guided and instructed by a real man of God or a prophet, we may be facing too many challenges of life

10 If we are not clear on how to seek the kingdom of God (Matt6:33) through baptism in the Spirit, prayer, praises, evangelism, sacrificial giving and tithing, stewardship for the kingdom and fasting as the need arises we may lack spiritual powers to tackle life problems.

Let us embrace the grace and take the power of the Lord for exploit this end time. God bless you.

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