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Foods to eat, avoid when battling stomach ulcer - Africa Flavour

                        Foods to eat, avoid when battling stomach ulcer - Africa Flavour

If you’re a stomach ulcer patient reading this article right now, this might be the sign you’re been waiting for to take better care of your health. Before we go deeper, let’s take a quick look at what stomach ulcers are. Stomach ulcers are open sores found on the stomach lining which occur when acids from digested food damage the stomach walls.

           Stomach ulcers can also be called gastic or peptic ulcers. This disease affects both young and old people as well as males and females. Stomach ache and discomfort caused by bloating are common symptoms of stomach ulcers. A good diet for an ulcer patient is one which promotes the healing of the ulcer wounds as well as medication that helps soothe the pain.

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           To better manage the disease, patients with stomach ulcers are usually placed on a not-so-strict but careful diet. A no-brainer is for patients to avoid foods this trigger their ulcer pains as well as foods containing high amounts of acids.

           Unfortunately, some patients with stomach ulcers fail to follow recommend diets or meal plans. And the consequences of this could result in the worsening of their conditions over time. Some of the foods stomach ulcer patients should include in their diets...

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