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After seeing the size of his son's joystick, the husband accuses his wife of cheating on him

 A woman has taken to social media to express her displeasure with her ordeal, which has left her perplexed.

Her home is currently in ruins, according to the lady, and it's all because her husband accuses her of cheating.

Auntie Momoza, a well-known South African social media relationship coach, was her confidante, and her post reads:

"Greetings, Auntie Momoza." Please post anonymously. My husband and I have been married for 13 years, and we have two sons, ages 15 and 8. Until our firstborn entered puberty, our marriage was fantastic. His manhood has matured to the point where it now dwarfs that of his father. My husband now claims that the child is not his. He claims I cheated on him.

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