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Youthful Nigerian Man with Natural Light Blue Eyes and White Hairs in Front of His Head Goes Viral, Wows Many

Photographs of a Nigerian youth with regular white hairs at the front of his head and light blue eyes have sent online media into craze.

The young fellow was seen by a man named Enyinnaya Nwosu during his dad's internment in the town.


Enyinnaya who wondered about the man's regular giftings tipped him to be a model while portraying the young as a harsh jewel.

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A Nigerian man's regular body highlights have made him a web sensation. The youngster was brought into the world with light blue eyes and front facing white hairs, highlights which are not normal with Nigerians.

Sharing photographs of the young with the extraordinary elements on Facebook, a man distinguished as Enyinnaya Nwosu expressed that he found him during the event of his father's entombment.

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