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The Amazing Wonders of Jatropha Leaves (Hospital Too Far) - Africa Flavour

               The Amazing Wonders of Jatropha Leaves (Hospital Too Far) - Africa Flavour

This amazing leaves treat various sickness in different ways. Most people actually do not know about this plant that grows in our backyard. It is one of the most underutilized medicinal plant.

Scientifically, it is called jatropha jorensis yorubuas called it iyana ipaja, the Igbo called ugu-oyibo, in English it is commonly called “Hospital too far”.

                The Amazing Wonders of Jatropha Leaves (Hospital Too Far) - Africa Flavour

Medicinal Functions                                 

(1)    Super Antioxidant:

Act as a superantioxidant herb, it is very good at preventing the onset of degenerative diseases; it is excellent in knocking off free radicals and stemming harm on vital organs resulting from oxidation stress.


(2)    Diabetes-mellitus:

It is very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and this is due to its confirmed HYPOGLYCEMIC


(3)    Malaria:

This vegetable is useful in the treatment of malaria using the method preparation below. In case of repeated malaria occurrence this leaves can go a long way in stopping or readily its occurrence as it keeps the immune strong enough to fight and as well neutralizes foreign substances.


(4)    Hypertension:

Many patient have benefitted in using this plant to manage their hypertensive health conditions.


(5)    Jatropha Tajorensis:

It is an excellent blood building herb and as can be recommended to treat anaemia in both young and old persons.


(6)    It support spermatogenesis (formation of sperm cells in the testes).


Prevention Of STD Immediately Sexual Intercourse


 Bitter leaf, bitter kola, Garlic, Clove and lime orange.


Grind bitter leaf and bitter kola

Grind clove and garlic to a powder form

Get lime orange

Cut the lime orange and put it along with the clove, bitter leaf and bitter kola inside bitter lemon. Allow it to soak for 3 days.


Immediately after sex, take a short of the preparation. It is very effective in the prevention of sexually transmitted disease such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Herpes. If you take it morning and night, it heals pepticulcer. It flushes toxins away from the body. It cures virginal discharge. 

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