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  1. You are testing him to see if he is a stingy man, he's also testing you if you are wife material. The bitter truth is there is no such thing as a stingy man, it's either he's broke or he doesn't see you as someone worth spending his money on.

2. If after sex there is no cuddling, no kisses, no hugs but you always see him dressing up in a hurry, forget , you are a side chick.

3. Next time you visit your boyfriend at his place, leave your slippers or shoes deliberately at his doorstep as you enter his house. If he takes them inside, you are a side chick.

4. My sister, Please! Stop smoking and drinking alcohol with men, stop sending them your nude photos because one day that guy will dump
you and get married to a decent lady then use you as a testimony in church or on his weeding day .

5. Don't be cheated my sister, you will never see two ladies fighting over a good man.
Because a good man will never put you in a situation of not knowing where you stand with him. But if you love two men at the same time, I suggest you choose the second because if really loved the first guy you wouldn't have fallen for the second guy.

6. Most ladies are single because a lot of guys are getting everything they want without being in a relationship. Like seriously, how do you expect him to marry you when you are already
giving him the benefits of a husband.

7. Men are different just like women, but 75% of good guys that never cheat are the ones you see in "friendzone" and "brotherzone". These guys know everything about you and they want
nothing but the best for you, but the sad thing is you 've been blinded by the words "type" and “class". You just want your crush, well it's your choice, but I must tell you that the guy you are crushing on has other ladies crushing on him, probably he too has a crush on another lady.
My friend, don't be too emotionally attached to a man unless he's into you otherwise one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

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