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My First White Christmas Experience - Africa Flavour

My First White Christmas Experience - Africa Flavour

My First White Christmas Experience - Africa Flavour

 Hello Nikky,

I love the pictures you have been sharing with us this season. But I just want to share this my first experience Of White Christmas with you and everyone.

As a teenager, I always loved watching or seeing Hollywood Christmas movies especially on Hallmark movies Channel. Its something I looked forward to every Christmas.

The best part was always the part they play in the snow, build snow men or when I hear stuff like; "its white Christmas!" I remember I used to wish we had snow during Christmas in Naija. I would have given anything to convince God to change our yeye harmattan to winter.

Anyway to cut this long story short, somehow I traveled abroad and it was a wonderful experience. All my mind was like; finally, I will experience white Christmas. November arrived, and the cold was okay. Snow came and I was waiting for the type I used to see on TV.

When December arrived with the snow, I just began packing my bags. The cold no be here! It felt like living inside the freezer. Infact it was worse. My heart nearly froze. It was under a thick blanket and with my heater running at full blast 24/7 that I realized white Christmas na Scam. It is fine only in the movies ooh. Infact, the cold made our cold harmattan Christmas feel like childs play. I could not even go out not to talk of building snow man abi woman.That was how my childhood dreams came crashing down on me �

I am happily back and enjoying the Christmas season and our local delicacies with friends and family. Our electricity is not stable but the weather is simply the best for a Christmas celebration and I am loving our harmattan season with my full chest.

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