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Madagascan police boss swims to safety later helicopter crash adrift


The Madagascan police boss reported that he swam for 12 hours following a helicopter crash adrift.

The helicopter was flying him and others to investigate the site of a wreck off the northeastern coast on Monday morning.


Somewhere around 39 passed on individuals kicked the bucket in the mishap.

"It was around 7pm, we could fly well overall. We could do a night flight, it was clear. It happened due to a whirlwind. It was not the pilot's shortcoming. It was anything but a mechanical disappointment by the same token. The helicopter dove and got annihilated. I didn't have a day to day existence coat yet the pilot and the repairman did. I accepting the pilot's seat as a lifebelt and that is the manner by which I was saved, said General Serge Gelle, Secretary of State for Police.

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The specialist of the airplane likewise figured out how to arrive at security following the accident on Monday.

"It was around 4 AM, we were changing our sails and we saw him, and he called for help, he said: "Help, our helicopter is down. Help us!"", described Zambi, an angler who took part in the salvage.

The police boss became serve as a component of a bureau reshuffle in August in the wake of serving in the power for a considerable length of time.

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