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Gambia's opposition leader challenges Barrow's re-election

                            Gambia's opposition leader challenges Barrow's re-election

The party of Gambian opposition pioneer Ousainou Darboe reported Tuesday that it spoke to the Supreme Court to abrogate the broadcasted re-appointment of the officeholder Adama Barrow in the official political decision, blaming him for different anomalies including vote-purchasing.

Adama Barrow was announced the champ by the electing commission of the official appointment of December 4 with around 53% of the vote, against around 27% for the primary of his five rivals, Usainou Darboe.

The official political decision is a one-round challenge in the Gambia.

Mr Darboe had even before the declaration of the outcomes communicated with two different up-and-comers his goal to challenge the outcome, without indicating the reasons.

                  Gambia's opposition leader challenges Barrow's re-election

His party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), engaged the Supreme Court on Tuesday. In its allure, it blames Mr. Barrow or his allies of having appropriated cash or gifts in different towns. It asserts that Mr. Barrow's party, the National People's Party (NPP), has penetrated the electing commission.

It additionally affirmed that non-Gambians took an interest in the political race just as different abnormalities in the democratic and counting process.

In an assertion, the UDP approached its allies to stay cool and guaranteed them of its obligation to utilizing "only quiet signifies" to resolve discretionary questions.

The worldwide local area has flagged that it will watch to see whether the failures acknowledge or challenge the outcomes made authority by the commission, as a mark of the advancement made by this youthful vote based system experiencing significant change.

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