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News: Tauren Wells’ “Citizen Of Heaven” (Live) Set for April Release


GRAMMY-nominated artist Tauren Wells is set to release “Citizen of Heaven” (LIVE) which includes 15 audio tracks and 4 videos that were recorded during his sophomore album launch event in January 2020 at Lakewood Church in his hometown of Houston, TX.

Available now to Pre-save/Pre-Order, ‘Citizen of Heaven’ (Live) is scheduled for full access via all digital outlets on the 16th of April, 2021.

Taking to social media, Tauren Wells said, “My favorite thing about creating an album is anticipating what the live versions of the songs will become”

“Having a song come alive for the first time in the writing room or the studio is a crazy feeling, but there is a different energy and excitement when the song comes alive in a room full of people! We captured all that fire on this new LIVE album, and it is a full-on heatwave! You’re about to dance, cry, laugh, and worship all at the same time so be prepared. The people in the car next to you are going to be really confused!!” He Added

One of the founding members of the pop-rock band Royal Tailor, Wells recently participated in the just concluded Toby Mac HITS DEEP TOUR 2021 while his book club continued its series on I.G live.


1. Never Gonna Let Me Go
2. All My Love
3. Miracle
4. When We Pray
5. There’s Something About That Name (feat. Davies)
6. All My Hope
7. Citizen of Heaven Intro
8. Citizen of Heaven
9. God’s Not Done with You
10. Echo (feat. Davies)
11. Until Grace (feat. Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts)
12. Known
13. Like You Love Me
14. Famous For (I Believe) / Do It Again (feat. Jenn Johnson & Christine D’Clario)
15. Hills and Valleys


1. Citizen of Heaven
2. Miracle
3. Until Grace (with Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts)
4. Famous For (I Believe) / Do It Again (feat. Jenn Johnson & Christine D’Clario)

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