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New Release: Jlyricz Shares New Single “All The Time”


Nigerian Christian artist lyricist Jlyricz releases “All The Time” his second single in March and fifth this year 2021. The skilled craftsman has been on an astonishing run since the year began and 'Constantly' is another expansion to his inventory of delivered singles. 

Talking about the new single, Jlyricz shares; "2021 has been a wonderful year and I arrived at where I just idea I should simply continue making and sharing. No curated crusades or arranged rollouts. For the present, I simply need to share however much I can and attempt to get whatever number ears as could be allowed to tune in to these melodies that I have been honored with" 

"I got into the year thinking about an EP or a collection yet right now I simply need to have a good time and carry grins to the essences of as many. Until further notice that is all I am about." He Aded 

"Constantly" is a smooth mid-beat Afropop tune that honors God's reliability and outright force. It is composed by Jlyricz and created by Somatrix whom he has been working with a ton lately.

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