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Event: Chandler Moore Proposes to His Girlfriend

The worship leader, lyricist, and instrumentalist has at last proposed to his heart breaker, Hannah Poole Grace, She said YES!! 

"I GOT MY YES❤️!!! Moore," composed Chandler on Instagram as he communicates his pleasure, additionally sharing how God changed his life as of late. 

"It's been 8 days. I've appreciated the tranquility of this second. At the point when you experience such thick minutes that transform you everlastingly, there resembles something secret in the heart to need to shoot it to the world so everybody can observer the recovery and "win" in a season. Yet, the best occasions are the ones that can't be promptly depicted or shared. A particularly hallowed time." 

"Since November, my life has been in a tornado of changes. Lastly, this is one that I'm wholeheartedly appreciating haha. Life has changed perpetually and I wouldn't need it some other way. It's astounding how God's arrangements abrogates our courses of events. I love my life and I love my Hannah Grace." 

"Prizes and fortunes, will not keep going forever. Be that as it may, I'd have put forth a valiant effort, on the off chance that you give me your yes." 💍 Moore closed. 

In the interim, Chandler's destined to-be married spouse Hannah Poole additionally revealed how energized she's been in the wake of saying Yes to the gifted artist. "I SAID YES❤️," she composed on Instagram. 

"Life changed 8 days prior when the adoration for my life requested that I wed him. We have been appreciating and taking altogether the affection and bliss and now so eager to impart to you folks! 

"The day was totally great and I was unable to have envisioned it some other way. I don't figure words can truly communicate the measure of bliss, harmony and love I feel. I can hardly wait to go through always with you darling! You all, I'm a FIANCÉEEEEEEE💍" 

Chandler Moore is off the market, Hurray!!! 

Chandler is at present joined forces with Maverick City—a group of admirers focused on deconstructing implicit guidelines that exist in the CCM and Gospel world. Through this association, Chandler has written and highlighted on tunes like Most Beautiful and Refiner (including Steffany Gretzinger). 

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